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St. Lawrence County Libraries Offer Computers and Internet Access

All libraries in St. Lawrence County offer free internet access to visitors. Some libraries offer desktop computers while others also have laptops or tablets that may be used throughout the library building. A few libraries also allow patrons to borrow e-readers to take home for a limited period of time. 

Libraries offer wi-fi access for your smart devices or laptops. Wi-fi range is usually throughout the entire building, and may extend outside to the parking lot or lawn where it may be accessed after hours. If you want to relax and surf the internet or check your email, library wi-fi can help save on mobile data charges.

Computer and internet access is a valuable resource to many of our residents who don’t need or can’t afford high-speed internet access at home. Using library computers provides job-seekers with resources to search for jobs, update resumes, apply for positions online, or take job-placement tests. Students use library computers to do research, complete homework, and take practice exams outside of the classroom. Young children use our library computers to access educational software programs that promote reading and math skills. 

Library computers are also connected to many resources and databases such as, America’s Historical Newspapers, Overdrive (eBooks), and Consumer Reports Magazine. Library visitors can use of these programs at no charge while visiting the library.

Even residents with internet access at home often make use of our computer and technology resources. For people who rarely have need to use a printer, visiting the library can be a true cost-saving measure. Libraries typically charge a small fee for printing, but that fee can be minimal compared to the cost of purchasing a printer, paper, and ink or toner cartridges. As more people eliminate landline telephones, the library can help with scanning and faxing documents for a small fee. 

Computer use and internet access is provided at no charge by your local public library. Next time you need a computer, printer, copier, or fax machine, stop in your library and make use of our services. Printing, copying, and faxing service fees are minimal and can save you the cost of having those devices at home. We are here to provide access and information to everyone – be sure to stop and check us out!

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