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Board of Trustees 2021

Library trustees are legally responsible for assuring that the institution fulfills the distinctive purposes for which it was established. Libraries and their trustees operate under NYS Education Law.

  • Mrs. Barbara Shoemaker, President
  • Mr. David Walker, Vice-President
  • Mrs. Carol Smith, Secretary
  • Mrs. Angela Martin, Treasurer
  • Mrs. Joyce Flack, Co-Treasurer

Board Meeting Schedule for 2021

Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes

Library Director – Michelle Stottlemyer McLagan

Michelle McLagan has always been an active library supporter, and as a child had at least a dozen library cards for various local libraries – this was before libraries became automated and the sharing of library resources as part of a consortium became the norm. While attending University many years ago, she never anticipated a career in public libraries, and graduated with a degree in a totally unrelated field of study.

After being in the workforce for ten years, Michelle became a stay-at-home mother for fourteen years, collaborating with her husband to further public education in the area of open source software, developing and maintaining websites related to OS/2 and later Linux, and working closely with him to run a home-based software business. Her husband passed away at age 45, necessitating her return to the workforce full-time in order to support herself and their teenage daughter.

In 2009, Michelle was volunteering at the Ogdensburg Public Library when two staff members handed her a job announcement from the Ogdensburg Journal and encouraged her to apply. She worked part-time at the library in Lisbon for about a year as the assistant and then applied for and was appointed to the position of Director in October 2010.

In 2013, Michelle joined the Canton Free Library in a temporary position at the circulation desk in the children’s room. It started as a six-week position while another staff member was on medical leave. Michelle became a permanent employee, increasing her hours, and taking on more responsibility. CFL has become her second home-away-from-home. Working at CFL gives Michelle a different perspective on library management and outreach, and has enhanced her role in Lisbon as the Director.

In the fall of 2016, Michelle was selected to be a Trustee for the Ogdensburg Public Library and was appointed Secretary in January 2017. After serving two years in the secretary role, she was elected to the position of chairperson of the board. Involvement with three libraries in such close proximity is very rewarding on a personal level and further serves to enhance her level of experience.

Michelle was awarded the 2017 Outstanding Library Advocate award from the North Country Library System. Within NCLS, she has served on many committees and is in her second term as the Secretary of the Library Director’s Organization. With sixty-five libraries in the system, it’s inspiring to see what everyone else is doing, and to work together to provide library services across not only St. Lawrence County, but a four-county region.

In 2018, Michelle was selected by Senator Patty Ritchie as a “2018 Woman of Distinction.” According to Senator Ritchie’s website, the “Women of Distinction” program honors distinguished women from the region and throughout the Empire State who have been trailblazers in business, academics and civic life, as well as those who have performed heroic or selfless acts, or have personally excelled against difficult odds.

During the 2020 COVID-19 crisis, Michelle worked collaboratively with a committee of library directors from NCLS to develop policies and procedures for resuming in-library operations that met NY Forward guidelines for reopening. She also worked to expand and develop collaborative online library programs and resources through several NCLS committees.

I love my job, I love the things that I do to support libraries here in St. Lawrence County. Thank you to my current library board of trustees for having faith in me and empowering me to provide library service to our Lisbon community. Thank you to every person who uses or supports libraries in their community – I’ve met some incredible people along the way. 

Michelle McLagan, 2018
North Country Now